Michelle has a unique set of talents having worked at the very highest level in television - with world famous entertainment properties and celebrities - and having practised for a number of years as a wellbeing instructor. Michelle provided help to our staff at Karmarama in London - the UK’s largest independent creative agency -where she achieved the highest possible level of feedback. I’d happily recommend her to individuals or companies looking for similar help.
— Ben Bilboul, CEO, Karmarama (part of Accenture Interactive)

“After 2x 2hr sessions Michelle managed to perform a relative miracle and calm my manic, panicked, over active mind - no mean feat, let me tell you! Ever since I’ve known Michelle (since 2003) she’s been studying meditation and mindfulness with @deepakchopra and is a qualified teacher with years of practice under her belt. I’d always told myself, and her, that my head was too busy/active/noisy to be able to meditate with any degree of success but she gently persuaded me that we all have the ability to find our own sense of calm and quiet, so I put myself in her capable handsand the difference has been incredible - and I’m only just getting started! If you’re reading this and regularly practice meditation then apologies for preaching to the converted, but if - like me - you don’t, then the simple act of giving yourself 20mins of quiet contemplation is a revelation. Please do take a look at what she does and how she works if you’re in search of an off button in your brain to give you a break from yourself.”



“I was working with Michelle on the final touches of a TV show the day after I had returned back from a long trip to India. On this trip I had experienced a peace, an enlightenment and a strong connection with my roots. When Michelle asked me how the trip had been I was totally overwhelmed as it had been truly life changing.Through my tears I told her I was trying to work out how to keep the spiritual connection I had experienced on my trip, back in this my real world. It was then that she told me she was a mediation teacher and that meditation would be the answer.

I trusted in this moment and embarked on a mediation course with her that has completed my wellness journey. In a short time I have taken to meditation in a way that has always eluded me, quickly incorporated it into my routine and am constantly reaping all its wondrous benefits.

Michelle was right, mediation was the key.

I will always be grateful to her for that conversation, for her style of teaching, her calming voice and her brilliant method.”


Michelle held a Thrive Global well-being workshop for the Spun Gold team. Half of us embraced the session and I would say the other half were reluctant attendees. But by the end of the session, everyone was on board and without a shadow of a doubt the team enjoyed the afternoon and came away with valuable take out for new practices that we will all endeavour to continue. The team said they really got some benefit from the session and thanked us for asking Michelle to come in and remind us and enlighten us on what we should be doing for general wellbeing, both on a personal level and a professional level. It was definitely beneficial to individuals and us as a company.
— Daniela Neumann, Managing Director, Spun Gold Productions

Michelle delivered a compelling, engaging and interactive half day stress management course to Kew Foundation staff at our yearly away day and discussions about the useful techniques imparted continued for days...
— Alessio di Capua, Associate Director, Development at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Her warm and insightful approach was very well received by colleagues at TCS and has made a real difference to their self knowledge and understanding of the importance of self care in personal performance. I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle for meditation and corporate well being programmes.
— Caroline Cooper, Managing Director, The Communications Store