About Michelle Langer

Michelle Langer meditation teacher and wellbeing instructor

Michelle is a wellbeing instructor who trained under Dr Deepak Chopra and The Chopra Center for Wellbeing. She has been teaching wellbeing, mindfulness & meditation courses for almost twelve years, helping companies and individuals to handle stress and achieve their full productive potential. Michelle is an accredited member of the Association of Facilitators.


In this short video, Michelle describes how her own past experience of suffering anxiety led her to the practice of mind / body medicine.

Michelle also has 20+ years experience as a television executive producing some of the biggest entertainment shows on UK television. A Cambridge graduate, she understands the pressures of deadlines, demanding deliverables and public scrutiny, but has used wellbeing techniques to turn challenges into opportunities.

Through corporate workshops, group courses and one-to-one training Michelle has enhanced productivity and reduced stress for people from a wide variety of backgrounds; from stretched FTSE 500 CEOs to goal seeking footballers, new mums, children, stressed hedge fund managers to celebrities lacking confidence and novelists with writer’s block.

Michelle also teaches in schools having developed a bespoke method for introducing young children to meditation and mindfulness to help with concentration, creativity, to reduce anxiety and to help them achieve restful sleep.

Most recently Michelle launched the live mindful musical events partnership Tranquillo with world leading cellist Jane Oliver.